WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Platinum Traditional Vape Cartridges

Experience true satisfaction. The Mimic Platinum line of flavor cartridges offer higher levels of nicotine than our standard Mimic e cig cartridges, and are perfect for the adult smoker who needs more from a vape device. Mimic Platinum vape tanks offer amazing flavors that produce exceptionally smooth vapor making them easy to enjoy.

Traditional is a light tobacco flavor that is made from natural tobacco extracts. Traditional's straight tobacco flavor profile makes it one of our most popular tobacco flavors due to its authentic, yet light tobacco taste. This means you will never get tired of vaping it.

Platinum Traditional Vape Tank Features:

  • Higher nicotine strengths designed for smokers.
  • 1.6ml per tank, twice that of other national brands.
  • Superior flavor and exceptionally smooth vapor.
  • E liquid produced and filled in the U.S.A.

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Best E Cig Salt Nic

The MIMIC E Cig line of products is designed to deliver what adult smokers want in a small compact device. Much like the smaller pod systems available, the cartridge ecig system delivers nicotine to the adult smoker in the same fashion as a combustible cigarette.

We offer a wide range of top of the line flavors that are smooth and clean while producing more vapor than a standard ecig, giving you a more satisfying nicotine delivery experience in a compact easy to use device.

The MIMIC line of vape cartridges are compatible with any 510 threaded battery such as the Blu e cig, Fin e cig, and Njoy Vape pen. MIMIC E cig customers enjoy the ease of use and satisfaction of this product and boast it as the best e cig they have tried.

Our vape cartridges easily attach to the MIMIC E cig battery, which have a 350mah capacity, making it one of the longest lasting on the market. It is a simple one-step process to screw the cartridge onto the ecig battery and just like that you are ready to enjoy the satisfaction of MIMIC. It’s time to get expensive devices out of your life and experience what vaping can and should be at an affordable price.

The two-piece cig-a-like design has been around for a while now. It is basically the same concept as newer pod systems, but still in a familiar configuration to mimic the feel and function of a traditional cigarette.

Just like the newer pod systems, MIMIC cartridges contain salted nicotine allowing for satisfying levels of nicotine to be used while maintaining a smooth draw that is pleasant and efficient in delivering the desired level of satisfaction.

MIMIC Pre-filled Vape Cartridges

As vaping evolved into larger tanks and advanced mod style batteries, cigalikes and pre-filled ecig cartridges generally remained the same. The ecig refill cartridges that were being sold in the beginning of vaping are the same as the pre-filled e cig cartridges being sold today. Well, with one notable exception. Salt Nic.

Instead of neglecting the advancement of the cigarette style e cig, we have researched and modified them so that you can enjoy the full potential of vaping in a cigarette style device. MIMIC Ecigs & Vape offers different styles of devices for vaping, but the e cig cartridge format is incredibly easy to use, maintain and enjoy. With the added benefit of salted nicotine in our cartridges, the MIMIC e cig is far superior to any other product like it on the market in both performance and satisfaction.

MIMIC PLATINUM Vape Cartridges

We offer the PLATINUM line of vape cartridges in 3.6% and 4.5% nicotine. A 5-Pack of 4.5% cartridges contains the same approximate amount of consumable nicotine as 10 packs of regular cigarettes. When you compare the price difference, you will see the value in making the switch.

Our regular line of cartridges are available in a range of nicotine from 0% to 2.4% offering all of our customers a wide selection of flavor and nicotine.

Each cartridge contains 1.6ml of liquid making them one of the highest capacity cartridges on the market.

With all of this packed into a compact device, and at an affordable price, it is no wonder the MIMIC Ecig is the best ecig for making the switch.

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These are good and strong. This and trucig are basic flavors that seem to go well with anything